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****update Sat 25th 6.40pm. EARLY REGISTRATION, and the VOUCHER DRAW COMPETITION now CLOSED.  We will announce the Winner tomorrow, shortly before the Sale opens, by text - keep an eye on your phones.**** 

You may continue to register your interest below, but please be aware the team is now putting final sale plans in place and we might not be able to check email right before the sale. If you have birds you would like to enter, please just turn up  and we will hopefully be able to fit them in. Or call 021 103 0105 if it's a large number. Buyers and browsers, please just come along, we look forward to seeing you there!
Timings on Sale Day: 
Seller check in 9.30am to 10.30am. Sale starts at 11am.  Ends 1.30pm

Buyer and Seller Registration
If you are attending as a buyer only, just fill out Name and Mobile / Email below then scroll down to hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the form.  You will be given a buyer number on the day to enable you to purchase Birds/Eggs etc. 

Note - personal info and contact details entered below will not be shared with any 3rd parties and will be used for Club contact purposes only. 

SELLERS - If making multiple sales entries of different breeds or prices, submit a new form (below) for each group.  Don't worry if this is just an estimate at this stage/ not exact numbers. We appreciate it sometimes depends on what is available on the day, but it helps to give us a rough idea of how much space we will need to allocate. 

All bird and egg sales MUST go via the Club Sales desk on the day. 15% of sales to the Club.

Please bring cardboard boxes for buyers to transport their birds home in. 

Sale ends at 1.30pm. All unsold birds or other items must be uplifted by 2pm latest or will become the property of the Club.

OTHER ITEMS AND STALLS. If wanting to sell items other than birds/ eggs, please fill out the contact details below, make a note under description that you would like to discuss other items, and we will be in touch. Update 20th Nov: All Stall table places for 'other' items have now been reserved, subject to final confirmation, and we have a Waitlist operating. Still register your interest and we will see if a space opens up.



Thanks for submitting! If you have more birds or items, please submit another form. A member of our team should be in contact soon

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