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The 2022 National Poultry & Pigeon Show Countdown Newsletter No. 2

 The National Poultry & Pigeon Show to be held at the Horowhenua Events Centre, Victoria St, Levin on the 1st ,2nd and 3rd July 2022.

Thank you for all the positive feedback we’ve had from our first newsletter….

If you are familiar with this New Zealand v Aussie kids -Mitre 10 hardware shop TV advert - Youtube video

Change the dialogue to: - Hey poultry people, what ya doing first week of July? - We’re whacking together a National Poultry show - Doing it yourself? - Nah, getting some bloke in - Oh, come on mate, do it yourself - She’s a pretty big job - Yeah, you’ll be right - You reckon? - Yeah, we can knock it over in half day - Get a couple of mates round - Hey Pikey, - Ha? - Give us hand with a job Saturday - Maate, you’re dreaming - Tch, Aussies - Yeah, no surprises there….

 Sponsorships: - All sponsorships must be received (and paid) by 1 April to appear in the Schedule (all paid sponsorships will be refunded or carried over, as indicated by the sponsor, should the show not go ahead).

We welcome all sponsorships regardless of the amount, but all smaller amounts will be pooled together in the section nominated and the sponsors name listed with the section.

Larger amounts of say $100 can be assigned to an individual breed. If that breed is in the AOSC or AOSB class, we will create a class in the schedule for it, i.e. $100 sponsorship for Brahma which would normally be in the Heavy breed AOSB, would then have its own classes.

No sponsorship can be assigned over more than one Section or Breed or Colour – our aim is to curtail extra judging after the breeds are finished.

Bank Account for Central Districts Poultry & Pigeon Club – Kiwibank, please use your name as a reference and email to confirm the details

CD POULTRY & PIGEON CL 38-9020-0339934-00

Section Grouping (see the Judging Format for an explanation of the Section Grouping) will be decided after the sponsorship has been received and it will be published in the Schedule.

Major Sponsors - We are currently seeking 10 major sponsors of $500 each which will give them naming rights for a section (i.e. Heavy, Light etc) - We are also seeking a major sponsor who will get the naming rights for the National Show.

Anyone interested please contact Ian Duker (via email or Ph 027 522 4754)

1 April – close off for sponsorship (must be paid to be included), any received after this may not be published in the schedule .
1 May - Schedule released
1 June - Entries close
1 July – and the wild rumpus begins…

Friday morning Bus Trip

We’re looking to have a tour around the highlights of Levin, don’t blink or you might miss it! We want to support our local unique businesses, because they support us!


  • Ohau Gourmet Mushrooms - Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooms ( it’s a kinda magic….

  • Genoese Foods - Genoese Foods a double delicious experience to dip into (

  • Ohau Wines - New Zealand wine | Award winning Pinot Gris | Sauvignon Blanc ( the glass is never half full, it just needs emptying

  • Swazi clothing - Swazi | High Performance Hunting Apparel - hunting down a bargain (

And maybe more!

COVID AND THE SHOW. The COVID situation is fast changing and we will assess again what implications there might be for the Show, nearer the time. At this time, we are planning for a range of scenarios and remain cautiously optimistic. More info to follow.

Judging Format We are conscious of all the development work a lot of breeders are putting into the less popular breeds, with great success but they don’t always make it into the winners section.

We are trialling this new format (as explained below) to give these people the recognition they deserve. We also believe it will eliminate a lot of confusion and frustration over dominant judges picking best bird in show.

The winners section will be well displayed in prime locations for the exhibitors and the public to see. Most breed descriptions will be put up in the appropriate places.

The New Format: We are having Sectional Judges and then separate Group/In Show Judges.

Sectional Judges can enter birds in any class they’re not judging, the Group/In Show Judges cannot enter any birds.

The Sectional Judges have to pick out the best birds of their breeds and then they hand them over to the Group/In Show Judges, who then pick the Best of each Group and ultimately, the Best in Show.

We are limiting the number of birds the Sectional Judges can put forward to 8 per section, plus the corresponding Best Junior bird.

Most sections have more than 8 breeds/colours in them, so some breeds will have to be grouped together.

The grouping of breeds has not been decided yet, and for this example, with the Waterfowl, please bear in mind, this may not be the final grouping (its just an example).

For instance, for the Waterfowl section, our NI class schedule last year listed:


For each section there will be up to 8 breed winners + the Junior of that section, brought forward to be judged for Best of Group.
We will have a block of 9 cages for each of the 6 Poultry Groups, and these 9 birds will be brought forward to represent the Waterfowl Group.

Once the 9 birds of the Waterfowl Group have been selected, the Sectional Judge(s) for the Waterfowl have finished their judging.
hen all 9 birds of a Group are loaded into the ‘Winners’ cages, the Group/In Show judges can start to judge for the Best of Group (but not before 2pm on Friday), where we intend exhibitors and guests can watch. And then when all the Best of Groups have been chosen, the Best in Show judging can begin. And a similar format will be used for the Pigeons, to end up with, say, 20-30 Pigeons in the Winners Section

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