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Central Districts Poultry & Pigeon Club’s website now has Online Sales Listings.

Our catalogue started as a way for our members to list birds before and during our events. The online format proved useful for those not able to make the event, or cancellations due to bad weather (as happened recently). We’ve spotted an opportunity to keep it running in between events to connect buyers to sellers. We see this as a way to fundraise for our show and new equipment.

The following conditions apply:


For birds sold via the online catalogue only; 10% of the Sale price goes to the Club. 

For our ‘in person’, event sales, it is 20%, to take into account the extra set up costs/time.

PAYMENT: Ideally birds will be paid for in advance via the Club Bank account:
CD POULTRY & PIGEON CL 38-9020-0339934-00

Reference: Your name and listing number

Direct cash payment to the seller on collection is sometimes accepted (this can depend on the seller, so check with us first). If cash is paid to the Seller, then the Seller agrees to forward on the Club %, to the above account number, in a timely manner.


The Club is merely the advertiser / initial facilitator. While we will do our best to help, we take no responsibility for any issues with individual sales. We are listing on behalf of sellers, in good faith, based on the information we have been given.


Collection will be either from the seller (birds are mostly in Levin / Foxton or nearby – some in Kapiti, if in doubt, please ask) or sometimes a pick up point in the general area, agreed on a case by case basis. Please collect in a timely manner.

BIRDS TO LIST? (please read this first)

Club Members are offered priority with bird sales listings, but if you aren’t a member (yet?!) and have good quality heritage birds  (ideally purebred) or something interesting to list, please contact us to discuss. Birds don’t have to be show quality, but we expect sellers to describe their birds honestly, and price appropriately.

At this time (19th Feb ’22 onwards) we are no longer automatically accepting lone (i.e. unpaired or bachelor groups of) roosters or drakes in our fundraiser sales, unless exceptionally rare, interesting or otherwise highly sellable. 

Think you have a special fellow, worthy of bending the rule? Contact us to check but please don’t be too disappointed if, we decline.  Unfortunately, without girls to go with them, they can be hard to sell. We will however be putting up a post on our FB group shortly with a list of roosters (etc) for ‘rehoming’ so feel free to add to that as appropriate.

Listing components. To list your birds, please fill in this short form which will collect the following info:
Breed name
Number of birds
Price (specify if each or per pair, trio, pen etc).
SHORT description (just a couple of sentences, ideally including age). If young birds, best to put a hatch date (even if only approximate) rather than weeks/months, as this will save us having to update the listings if further time passes.
A clear photo helps a great deal. The photo doesn’t go in the listing itself (no room) but we will link a gallery and can take up to 3 photos per listing.  We will also require an email address and contact number for each seller (this isn’t published, its so we can contact if required)

Return to Sale Birds page with catalogue and gallery link here

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