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Starting at 9am Sat 2nd July
In the main hall. Horowhenua Events Centre, 33 Victoria Street, Levin. 

Entry (as per show entry) is $5 per adult 
Breeds we are expecting (so far)* include:


Old English Game Fowl (large and bantam)

Pekin Bantams 

Khaki Campbell ducks

Muscovy ducks

White, buff, black,  Pekins
Wyandotte White - bantam & large.

 Large Blue & Black Orpingtons
Speckled Sussex
Silver Laced Wyandotte
Blue Silkies

 Indian Runner Ducks

Hyline pullets

 Pet suitable crossbreds

Columbian Rock hens

Gold Campines

Leghorn pullets

* this is what breeders have told us they are likely to bring, there might be some changes on the day.
If you would like to sell birds at the show, please contact us  ASAP

PLEASE NOTE:  No sales before 9am Saturday 2nd July

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