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Sale will take place on Sunday 27th November at Levin Showgrounds in the Pig Sheds area. Sale will start at midday and run until c2pm.

Please bring sale birds down by 11.45am latest. (Sofianna will be on site from 11.15 am - cell 021 103 0105 )

10% of the Sale price goes to the Club so please price accordingly
All sales via the Club Sales desk. It will be a 
We are in a new site and won't have built in / Club cages available yet. As a result, for this event, most sellers will need to bring birds down in their own cages and bring their own table to put them on if required. We will have a few spares though so contact us to discuss if you don't have your own display cage. 

Please bring food and water for your birds as required. Sellers retain responsibility for the care and welfare of their birds until they are sold. 
We recommend bringing spare boxes in case buyers forget to bring boxes/crates with them
All unsold birds must be removed at 2pm



The Club is merely the advertiser / host. While we will do our best to help, we take no responsibility for any issues with individual sales. We are listing on behalf of sellers, in good faith, based on the information we have been given.

BIRDS TO LIST? (please read this first)

Club Members are offered priority with bird sales listings, but if you aren’t a member (yet?!) and have good quality heritage birds  (ideally purebred) or something interesting to list, please contact us to discuss. Birds don’t have to be show quality, but we expect sellers to describe their birds honestly, and price appropriately.

Listing components. To list your birds, please fill in this short form which will collect the following info:
Breed name
Number of birds
Price (specify if each or per pair, trio, pen etc).
SHORT description (just a couple of sentences, ideally including age). If young birds, best to put a hatch date (even if only approximate) rather than weeks/months as this will save us having to update the age if further time passes. 
A clear photo helps a great deal. The photo doesn’t go in the listing itself (no room) but we will sometimes link a gallery and can take up to 3 photos per listing.  We will also require an email address and contact number for each seller (this isn’t published, its so we can contact if required)

We reserve the right to decline any listings for any reason. 

Return to sale page here  for catalogue etc

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