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New Site for Meetups


For our smaller get togethers and sales (not the Annual Show)

Please note our new meeting point at Levin Showgrounds. In the stock sheds block, near the Pig Area

The easiest way to get there is to enter the Showgrounds via the Tiro Tiro Road entrance (this is locked at weekends but the Club should usually be able to get a key).  From there, park up next to the end of the sheds as shown (Ps on map below) and walk through to the Pig Shed area. We will put up signs to guide you.

Please drive slowly and carefully across the grounds (especially if its wet under tyre)  and be mindful of other site users – e.g. there may be dog training events taking place nearby. 

We are guests of the showground, and we like to leave it in a good state. Staying a few minutes extra at the end, to help to clear up after a poultry event, is always appreciated.

Map New Shed annotated.jpg

NOTE If you arrive and the Tiro Tiro gate is closed  (e.g. if you arrive early), it will still be possible to enter via the main, Victoria Street, entrance, but you will need to carefully drive around, avoiding areas where there might be other events (e.g. dog events).  Please take care not to churn up the grass in those areas.

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