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Club Newsletter , September 2023, by Margaret Fullerton-Smith (President)

Well, well,  I don’t know what I have let myself in for!

 Welcome all, I will do my best for the Club in my time in office. If you have any issues, please bring them to me. I have broad shoulders & hope we can sort any problem out.

I hope everybody’s breeding season has made a great start. The cold spell did not help those incubators to get under way plus a few power cuts. Let’s hope we can all breed that best Bird in Show this Season. Also, that the backyard breeders produce lots of pretty chicks to grow to may be winners of our first Backyard Classes at the AP&I Show.

The club members seem to be very enthusiastic. We have some big hurdles to jump but we will make it. We have a great team of people working for the club.

Our biggest concern is the finances. If we wish to run a show in 2025 we have a long way to go. All we can do is put our best foot forward no matter what it is. Donations no matter how big or small. Ideas for fundraising, running one, helping with it or sponsoring. People are asked to do what they can. Never feel pressured into something you cannot manage.

At the meeting following the AGM, I suggested looking for a meeting place more central to all members. I suggested Oroua Downs. As it turns out, a friend of Russ Hunter (Club Treasurer) owns the building next to the little hall and has generously offered the Club the use of it.   We are going to have our September meeting in the old Church/ Café. This is so members can have a look at this as a meeting venue & also check out the hall to use for small shows and sales. We will then discuss it and make a decision. This could be a great cost saving for the club as we can have the use of both for very little.

Some of the events we are working on are:

Poultry Run. I procured the birds and offered the opportunity to the Club. Over the last fortnight or so, some members, especially Russ Hunter, have taken on the job of selling Hyline pullets as a fundraiser. At this stage it has made close to $700 for the club with no capital outlay to the club. This is all profit. We still have a few more to sell with another drive on the 17th Sept.

Market Stall October We hope to have our Club Day at the Foxton market with a stall. We will discuss this at the meeting on the 24th Sept.

Poultry & Pigeon Sale November. If all goes to plan, we will have a Monster open sale.

Christmas BBQ & Poultry Trail for members only. There will be a charge on this. Visiting 3 well set up Poultry Place in the area, with a BBQ.

Horowhenua AP & I Show 20th and 21st January (this year it’s the Royal Show). Poultry stalls, poultry sales.  Maybe a club stall that some of the members who are not so much into poultry can run.  If we can do cakes & biscuits and other goods for sale. Need ideas for this. I hope this will be a fun time as well as a fundraiser.

Poultry classes for heritage breeds, as well as backyard birds. With classes such as (suggestions) Funniest Bird, Prettiest Bird, Best Looking Male Bird. Best Looking Hen.  Best Child’s Pet. Any ideas? This will be open to non-members.   We hope to have a few Heritage Classes such as Best Light breed. Best Heavy Breed. Pekin Bantam, Best Waterfowl, Pigeon. There will be an Entry fee & Prizes. I have a few businesses that may sponsor this.

February general meeting to gather our thoughts.

March Preparation for Young bird Show

April. Young Bird Show. Open to other clubs & nonmembers

May Show Season. General meeting

June Another busy Month of Shows within the NI. Meeting last Sunday in June if no Show

July ? Maybe a luncheon as a mid-winter Christmas gathering? Open to club members and their Families.

August AGM

For all Club gatherings, we are going to stick to the last Sunday in the month.

Sponsorship. Some work has been done on Sponsorship for the A&P Show, Monster Sale/Auction & Young Bird Show. We do need more support. If you have anybody in mind who may be able to help, we will be discussing this at our meeting on the 24th Sept.

I want to see this club succeed, as showing and preserving the heritage breeds of Poultry & Pigeon is at risk of becoming a dying art. We have such a small gene pool in NZ and that is all we have. Due to regulations, we can no longer import stock without a huge capital outlay. We need to do things in the public eye to help our heritage breeds keep going and encourage them to be bred to breed standards.

 I look forward to a good gathering on the 24th Sept & our upcoming events. This first gathering is more of a meeting than a sale, and there won't be many buyers there, but if you have any excess roosters or drakes, females you are looking to move on, or fertile eggs to sell / swap, feel free to bring them along. If you have a problem bird you want looked at, before the meeting commences. I am sure someone may be able to give advice. No birds allowed inside the meeting space, but we will set up an area outside for them. No charge. Please see to your own sales or deals.

Margaret (President)

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