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Young Bird Show Schedule and Entry Forms

Show Schedule - this contains detailed event information, including key times, class details and an entry form on the last page. The full document (pdf format) can be downloaded here  or you can request one by emailing

Either print out the last page of the Schedule, fill in by hand, scan or photograph it, and send as an attachment to  OR
Once you have read this Schedule you may wish to fill in an electronic version of the entry form  (without having to print it).
If so, there is a copy of the Entry Form that you can type on,  here. 
Instructions: Download the document, open the file, click 'enable editing', type in the required information, save to your device, and then send as an attachment to

When emailing entries, please put your surname and SHOW ENTRY as the subject.

Sale Birds only - If you don't wish to show any birds and instead, would like to enter birds into our Sale area (this is an open, general poultry sale, not just young birds), please head to this page.

Should you have any issues accessing, filling out, or sending any of these documents, please email for assistance.

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